Malabar Wastewater Project


Prefabricated houses being installed at the Malabar Wastewater Site

Activities at the site as at May 2015 include:

  • Construction of buildings for temporary production area.
  • T&TEC temporary power supply.
  • Telephone and Internet connection by FLOW.
  • Temporary access road surfacing.
  • Continued construction of temporary worker facilities.
  • Continued construction of AECOM offices.
  • Construction of temporary site drainage.
  • Construction of temporary on-site WWTP.
  • Clearing and grubbing of site for Influent Pumping Station (IPS);
  • Excavation of IPS site.
  • Filling and compacting slope on south boundary of site.
  • Installing site safety signs.
  • Continuing to establish survey controls for project.
  • Constructing temporary fence (along the northern site boundary).
  • Construction of the temporary and permanent water connection.