San Fernando Wastewater Project


Construction of fence for delineating active plant site and stage 1 construction area at the San Fernando Wastewater Site

Activities at the site as at May 2015 include:

  • Temporary sludge dewatering system planning and procurement.
  • Finalizing route for temporary relocation of twin 66 kV high voltage lines.
  • Clearing and grubbing north of Cipero River in Stage 1 construction areas.
  • Removal of trees.
  • Excavation and hauling off-site the septage/ sewage contaminated soil.
  • Construction of temporary security fencing around site.
  • Construction of engineer’s site office.
  • Microtunneling alignment checks/ layout in Subcatchments 60 – Vistabella/Gulf, 70 – San Fernando South, and 25 – Pleasantville-Corinth.
  • Preparation for pile testing equipment access.
  • Traffic management planning, specifically related to maintaining unobstructed traffic flow to the active plant.
  • Construction of the temporary and permanent water connection.