Application Forms

The following forms shall be used by the Regulatory and Licensing Unit in connection with its regulatory function associated with control and allocation of water abstraction:

  • LG1.1 Application for Permission to drill and construct one (1) private water well.
  • LG1.3 Well Completion Report (to be issued simultaneously with Drillers' License).
  • LG1.4 Application for license to abstract water from well.
  • LS1 Application for License to Abstract Water from a Surface Source.
  • L5 Application to renew license to abstract water.

Monitoring and Assessment

For planning and management purposes such as industrial development and agricultural projects, the collection of reliable and timely data and the maintenance of historical data series are basic activities conducted by the WRA. Both mechanical and real-time automated equipment are utilized for data capture.

The use of telemetry has allowed the Agency to provide organizations such as, Meteorological Services of Trinidad and Tobago(MET) and the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM), with early warning information on extreme events likely to impact vulnerable communities.

Data and Information Services

WRA provides data and information to the general public, contractors, consultants, students etc. The data available at a cost includes maps, frequency curves, rainfall, streamflow and groundwater data.

Persons applying for data must make an official request to the General Manager, Water Resources Agency.


The Agency produces several Data Reports and Studies which can be purchased. These reports can be used to inform engineering and design projects, and in environmental monitoring. In addition the Agency is embarking on producing several Special Reports relating to the challenges impacting on water availability and water scarcity from international, regional and local perspectives. Reports that are currently on sale are:

  • State of the Water Resources of Trinidad and Tobago - $500.00 TT + VAT
  • Annual Data Report, Climatic and Surface Water - $550.00 vat inclusive
  • Groundwater Data Report - $550 vat inclusive.

To effectively manage the country’s water resources and promote conservation, development and protection of these resources, for sustainable use, in a cost effective and integrated manner to support socio economic growth.
  1. To manage the country’s water resources for sustainability using the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) approach
  2. To promote development, conservation and protection of water resources.
  1. Undertake water resources monitoring and assessment with respect to quantity and quality.
  2. Undertake water allocation, regulation and licensing of water abstraction.
  3. Undertake water resources planning, investigations and development.
  4. Promote and coordinate the implementation of IWRM.
  5. Develop and maintain a National Water Resources database and information system.

The Water Resources Agency 179 - 183 Eastern Main Road, Barataria,
Trinidad, West Indies.

Our Contact Numbers are:

Administration: (868) 638-0385
Operational Teams: (868) 674-8535
Licensing and Regulatory: (868) 674-8535
Data and Information: (868) 674-7419
Fax: 638-5456 / 638-7817