Surface Water Source

The Regulatory and Licensing Unit shall issue a license to abstract water from a surface water source subject to the following:
  • Payment of the administrative fee of $150.00 plus VAT.
  • Submission of a map at an appropriate scale, showing the layout of the property and the proposed point of abstraction in the river channel.
  • Completion of a field survey and a hydrological assessment by the Regulatory and Licensing Unit.
  • Submission of a water quality analysis of the surface water source.
  • Submission of a schematic diagram of the proposed structure for the diversion of water from the river channel (where applicable).
  • Submission by wash plant operators, the schematic diagram of the established closed loop water recycling system as prescribed by the Minerals Act (2000) for the prevention of untreated effluent entering directly into water courses (where applicable).
  • Submission of a copy of the license from the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries permitting the operations of the quarry or wash plant.
  • Approval of the application to abstract water from source.
  • Submission of a copy of a license from the RIC for the provision of a supply of water or for distribution of water by a service provider.
  • Submission of proof of interest in the land for which the purpose of the application relates.

Ground Water Source

The Regulatory and Licensing Unit shall issue a license to abstract water from a well subject to the following:
  • Approval of the application to drill and construct private water well (where applicable) and the issue of a Driller’s License to the contracted drilling company.
  • Completion of Application for license to abstract water from a well (Form LG 1.4).
  • Submission of Well Completion Report (Form LG 1.3).
  • Submission of water quality analysis from Quality Control Department of WASA, Public Health Department of the Ministry of Health or the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI).
  • Installation of a flow meter approved by the Water and Sewerage Authority.
  • Evidence of an application to the EMA for a trade effluent permit under the Water Pollution Rules (2005).

For further information please contact the:

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